3 Incredible Places to Try French Fries in Dubai!

Who doesn’t like French fries? Interestingly, almost everyone adds it into his/her daily meals. Similar is the case with the locals and foreigners in Dubai. Indeed, it is the instant snack option at the time of being much hungry amid a hectic schedule.

With taking pride in offering other famous global dishes, Dubai has also its unbeatable name when it comes to high-quality French fries. While digging it out more, you find the huge variety of this particular snack in the town according to your budget. Being crispy as well as fluffy, French fries are capable of tantalising your taste buds and it is the reason why it is the integral part of every meal globally.

No doubt, pairing it with shredded chicken along with tasty sauces makes it the perfect meal in lunch or dinner and that never empties your wallet. This write-up is essential to read because it guides you about the best spots for French fries in Dubai, so gear up to diversify your taste buds with delicious French fries.

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1.    Now York Fries

The first name that comes in anyone’s mind is New York Fries, the popular one in Dubai among both kids and elders. Above all, they are affordable too, so get ready to improve your taste buds with these tasty French fries.

This food chain has specialised in French fries; thus, you find its outlet in Dubai crowded every time you visit this place for a French fries.

Interestingly, you find the huge variety of fries with different flavours and cheese options, enhancing your taste buds. You should make sure that you add into your bucket list to enjoy quality as well as tasty fries in the town.

You can find its outlet in Dubai mall and you can also order fries through any food delivery app.

2.    Smoky Jar Fries at Falla

It is another trustworthy name when it comes to tasty fries in Dubai that you can enjoy either in lunch or in the evening with a nice cup of tea of coffee.

While exploring more about it, you find that it is also famous for other food options such as delicious burgers, so the combo of a burger and smoky fries makes your day and you must give it a try.

Its tasty fries being topped with smoky beef and doused in an awesome sauce makes it the perfect meal option for you. It means that you should not forget to try it with your loved ones.

3.    Angry Fries at Blaze Burgers

Everyone is familiar with this name when it comes to fries in Dubai. With offering quality and affordable burgers, one cannot help trying its tasty fries.

Its “Angry Fries” are very famous, so you should order it along with trying its unmatched burger. In this spot, you can also opt for the customized fries cut and then let its chef smothers them with jalapenos, cheese and quality beef chilli.

The interesting part of this famous food outlet is that it offers food that falls into everyone’s budget in Dubai’ thus both natives and foreign workers visit this spot regularly.

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