5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Pasta

Everybody has some of the other favorite memories with pasta in the past. And that would have made you think that you have eaten the best pasta ever in your life to date and that taste of it can’t go ever from your mind. Pasta is so familiar in the United States and Canada also, you might have heard about the Canadian diet for generations now, and you might be wondering to know, is pasta vegan? We will discuss your doubts and facts. But today, we will see some of the mind-blowing facts that you probably might never have thought.

1. The Pasta Was First Eaten In China And Not In Italy:

Now, you might be wondering how it is possible. If you search over the Internet about the discovery of pasta, it will flash the name of explorer Marco Polo, who introduced it back in the 12th century. But there are some conflicts and claims that it was eaten in the 11th century, which was around 24 years before he introduced pasta.

2. Pasta Comes In 600 Different Shapes:

Definitely, you are already aware of distinct forms of pasta unless you’re living under a rock. According to the International experts of Pasta Organization, there are more than 600 different shapes of pasta that is getting produced. Moreover, there is a reason behind each shape, and each of them has a distinct specialty.

3. Is pasta Vegan for all the vegan diet people?

Most of the Pasta is 100{63e01ece9bc47c17640cc6975aeeff17c92ee2cc08500db3b507549e07a3f3c8} vegan, and if you have any doubts and queries, then you can always check the ingredients on the package. Most of the pasta will contain one or two plant-based ingredients such as semolina and enriched wheat flour. And now, companies are improving and coming up with different solutions like making pasta from rice, beans, and the vitamin, minerals, and protein-rich ingredients.

4. Pasta Is Served As A Dessert Food:

There are dozens of mind-blowing desserts made with pasta. You can find crunchy-chew chocolate pasta pie to ravioli baked and filled with everything you name it. If you want to try a delicious recipe, then you should try Sweet Sicilian Fried pasta or chocolate pasta pie.

5. Every Pasta Needs A Different Sauce:

You cannot use the same sauce for every pasta dish. Each of the recipes is enjoyable with distinct flavor combos. Like fettuccine and linguine is the best pair and taste amazing, with creamy sauces due to its clingy shape. For short and spiral-shaped pasta thick, and chunky tomato sauce is better.

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