Acquiring Professional Cleaning Services for your Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Professional kitchen exhaust cleaning companies are experienced with the methods for fully cleaning kitchen exhaust and hoods to pass fire regulations. The National Fire Protection Association has standards requiring hood cleanings on a regular basis. Routine kitchen hood maintenance and cleaning reduces grease and the risk or fires. Licensed kitchen exhaust cleaning companies right cleaning products that leave the kitchen sparkling clean and fire-safe. However, you have to hire the right people for you to enjoy these advantages.

Running a restaurant can be a complicated task. A significant part of this job is maintaining hygiene. As a business owner, you should ensure that the commercial kitchen remains clean because every customer wants to eat meals that are prepared in a clean space. Cleaning the kitchen exhaust hood is a dirty and complex job.

Allowing professional cleaners to work on this section is a decision that offers multiple advantages. For example, it will enable the restaurant owner to focus on other tasks within the business. It also saves time for the workers. With professional cleaners, you are assured of receiving high-quality services within a few hours because they have specialized in cleaning the hood. Their skills and experiences enable them to accomplish this difficult task quickly.

These days, you can find many businesses offering such services, and you should evaluate them and consider multiple factors before hiring. Just because a company has created a website and stated that they clean the kitchen exhaust hood or offer related services does not mean that it qualifies for the task. The following are the factors that you should consider when selecting these service providers.

IKECA Membership

The best cleaning company to hire should be a member of at least one professional body, such as the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA). These organizations provide certifications that prove that the technicians possess the right qualifications for the task.

They also organize frequent education and training sessions to ensure that these workers are aware of the latest exhaust cleaning techniques. This knowledge further enables them to offer the best cleaning services to their clients. Therefore, check whether the professional cleaning company is registered with IKECA before hiring it to ensure that you receive value for your money.

Knowledge of Multiple Cleaning Methods

Another significant factor to consider when searching for the right cleaning company for your kitchen exhaust hood is the methods they use to accomplish their work. The cleaning techniques used are essential because they determine the results you will get. Hand scraping is the most common method. Many companies prefer using it because it is easy. Additionally, a person requires minimum training to understand it.

However, restaurant owners should consider hiring professional cleaners that combine several methods when doing their job. For example, the ability to use both hand scraping and steam cleaning is likely to eliminate even minor dirt in the kitchen exhaust hoods and ducts.

Cleaning grease deposits can be challenging and requires the application of different methods to achieve excellent results. When searching for professional cleaning services for this task, ensure that you hire a company that pays attention to the effectiveness of its work and uses the proper methods.

Ability to service the Whole Air Control System

The best kitchen exhaust hood cleaner to hire is one that offers a comprehensive service for the air control system even after washing the exhaust hood. The availability of this service proves that the company is committed to its work and seeks to offer satisfactory services. The technicians should understand that their cleaning services are more likely to affect other systems within the property. For this reason, they have to check them and ensure that they are in excellent condition before leaving.

For example, these professionals should monitor the exhaust fan after cleaning the exhaust system in the kitchen. They should ensure that it is in perfect condition and will not interfere with the kitchen’s operation. Having a dysfunctional air control system in the kitchen is dangerous because it can cause grease deposits to accumulate on the exhaust duct and hood and cause a fire.

To prevent this risk, the professional cleaning company should not only clean the exhaust hood but also ensure that the fan can effectively draw away the hot and greasy air out of the kitchen. The swamp cooler is another significant component of the air control system that the professional cleaners should monitor. The maintenance services offered eliminates the need for repairs and saves you money.


Overall, hiring professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaners is an excellent idea. They offer quality services because of their qualifications and experiences. They also save employees time and allow them to focus on other tasks. This information suggests that you should consider hiring these services if you run a restaurant or a commercial business that has a kitchen. However, ensure that you select the right company for the task. The firm should be an IKECA member. The cleaning technicians should know different cleaning methods and demonstrate the willingness to offer maintenance services on the kitchen’s air control system.

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