Buy Top Notch Quality Dates from Reliable Source

There is no dearth for variety of dates out there. There will be huge difference in the quality of one date to another and this is exactly why you need to put in necessary time to choose the best one of the lot. Desert Valley Date is the top manufacturer, packer and shipper of high quality California dates located in the Coachella Valley. The best thing is that the dates are grown locally, harvested and brought to the state-of-the-art packing house to process. It also supplies a number of different date varieties and can hold co-packing and private label facilities. It is quite extensive and can ship on a global level.

Different forms and packaging

Desert Valley Date offers an array of date-based products date paste, diced dates and others. There are lot of dishes for which dates can be used and the best thing about Desert Valley Date is that it creates various dates product. The diced dates and paste can be used in salads, cereal, sauces, bars, baking and more. The usages are endless and you can experiment with it.

Choose the best variety of the lot

Founded in the year 1985, Desert Valley Date Company has been running business successfully for over three decades. It takes pride in delivering high quality, sustainability, and top class customer service. It also offers widest assortment of date products and have experience working with companies of all types and kinds. The company pays attention to quality as well as sustainability. It has different kind of certification which includes Halal, Kosher, Organic, BRC and others. They have been quite popular mainly because of the importance they give for delivering quality products. Check out their official site to buy bulk dates to know what they can offer in the dates line and then decide.

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