Nut Butters – What Are They, Types & Its Health Benefits –

Introduction –  

If you are thinking or are under assumption that nut butter begins and ends with peanuts then you are totally wrong. Nut butter is one of the most nutritious and tasty snacks that you will enjoy as a part of your healthy diet. Nut butters are delicious snacks that is made by grinding up nuts into a paste and they can be tasted in several different ways. You will get a completely creamy and luxurious and tasty spreads paste that will take your snack level into a new whole new level. Also, in many cases the nut butters includes blended nuts along with a dash of salt. You can also look out for added ingredients like that of vegetable oils, or emulsifiers which is important to consume and can change the flavour and texture of the nut butter.

Common Types of Nut Butters –

Some of the most common types of nut butters are almond butter, Brazil nut butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, hazelnut butter, Macadamia nut butter, Pecan butter, Pistachio butter, & Walnut butter. You can also look for different types of nut butter which is flavoured and spiced with ingredients like cinnamon, cocoa powder and honey. If you can do a blend of nuts to make a sui generis flavour combinations then that’s awesome. There are many health benefits of nut butter. Let’s have a look at that. Nut butter is an incredibly healthy food and is rich in heart healthy monosaturated fats including proteins which assist your energy levels and keeps you stable throughout the day. Plus, nut butters also consist of omega 3, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and also vitamin E, which can assist you in reducing chronic diseases.

Health Benefits of Nut Butter –

Regular consumption of nut butter can also improve the levels of cholesterol and reduce inflammation and boost weight loss. In other words, nut butter is pretty healthy as whole nuts as long as it doesn’t contain any ingredients like preservatives or sweeteners. Almond have been proved to be one of the most important dietary interventions for many health issues. For instance, research suggests that almonds are beneficial for metabolic health and also weight management. Almond butter is rich in vitamin E, and essential fats including fibre and is one of the healthy intakes. Brazil nut butter is another healthy intake. It is one of the biggest powerhouses of nutrients which aids many kinds of biochemical functions. People are aware that, Brazil nuts are known for its high selenium content which is a cofactor nutrient to develop thyroid hormones. Your thyroid is important in managing your heart beat rate, body temperature, and also metabolism. Without sufficient selenium, the complex system comprising of thyroid will not function. So, hopefully this is a sufficient reason for you to start enjoying Brazil nut butter.

Other Kinds of Nut Butters –

Macadamias, altogether with Brazil nuts and pecans are the one’s that has the lowest GI nuts and makes it a good keto-friendly nut. Including macadamia butter in your eating regime can help your body develop anti-inflammatory properties and that can protect you against heart diseases. Peanut butter is also very healthy and a high protein content with different amino acids. Mostly peanut butter is high in tryptophan, choline, arginine that helps the brain and the nervous system and enhances mood and promotes heart health. Also, many people do not know that, peanut butter is also high in resveratrol. It is a kind of a polyphenol compound which assists in preventing diabetics & cancer. Next, is the Pistachio butter which is high in vitamin b6 and it is also important for reproductive hormones and also the production of energy. You can make the pistachio butter at home, using pistachios which will result in mossy colour butter. You can also use honey with it.

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