Premium Ceramic Grills of Kamado Joe BBQs Presented By BBQs 2u

The kamado is an ancient Asian style of grill that imparts a rich and smoky flavor to fish, meats,  and vegetables. For centuries, it relatively remained unchanged, where air flows through the ceramic body of the grill and comes out of its vented dome.

Kamado Joe is very proud to continue on that kind of tradition, by modernizing the classic style of the grill with innovative accessories, unparalleled craftsmanship, and also a flexible range of cooking surfaces.

Most of the Kamado grills have got much thicker walls and can retain efficiently more heat and also much effectively than many other grills. Kamado grills can be very stable once pre-heated and can cook at both high or low temperatures for as much time as the grill will contain charcoal and oxygen. They are quite durable and are often made by using ceramic compounds.

Kamado grills have taken their name from a certain term that is used for describing an old-fashioned Japanese wood or any charcoal fueled cooking appliance that is called a kamado. A traditionally made kamado was actually made from clay or some other ceramic material for creating a large urn or a vessel like an “egg”, similar to a tandoor.

There is no doubt that ceramic grills can be the best Kamado BBQ in terms of durability, temperature control, and versatility. Definitely, by making an investment on this will offer returns for many years to come.

All Kamado grills may not always be the same. Kamado Joe BBQs may feature a much better quality of construction and feature, which can be a much better design for creating a more versatile grill, e.g. as the revolutionary type of Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert.


A direct advantage because of its heavy ceramic construction will be the fuel efficiency of the kamado grill. As the thick sides can retain the heat so well, hence very little oxygen and charcoal will be necessary to continue fuelling the fire. It will be perfect for long and slow cooks or any diehard grillers who want to cook all throughout the cold winter season.

Versatile cooking methods

Besides fuel efficiency, these kamado grills were designed for accommodating a broad spectrum of various cooking methods. A few accessories like any ceramic heat deflector can turn a kamado from any direct grill to a certain indirect cooker, almost similar to an oven or smoker.

One can add a firebox divider for creating 2 distinct cooking zones meant for a true two-zone setup. A kamado grill can toast, bake, smoke, sear, grill, saute, and also much more by using various accessories and setups.

Three-tiers divide and conquer flexible cooking system

This exclusive multilevel and half-rack design can double the cooking space and enable to cook of different types of foods on various levels and on certain different cooking surfaces.

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