Understanding What Should The Best Halal Korean Food In Singapore Contain

If you have an event to organize, the most vital aspect would be the food in the event. You should consider the best halal Korean food in Singapore, especially when your guests are Muslims. Consider offering halal foods allowed under the Islamic dietary guidelines. If the food is not fit for dietary consumption, Muslims deem it haram.

What Food Are Muslim Followers Not Allowed To Consume?

Pork Muslims are not allowed to consume pork and its by-products. In an event with Muslim guests, consider having good options other than consuming pork-based cuisines.

· Animals That Die Before Being Slaughtered

The teachings of Allah forbid the consumption of dead meat despite it being land or sea animal, and the religion considers it impure to consume such food at any cost.

· Animals Not Properly Slaughtered.

Slaughtering animals should be done properly. The four main arteries should be cut completely: jugular artery, food pipe, jugular vein, and windpipe. It would not be adequate if the streets split open, and therefore, it should cut off the neck.

· Blood

Blood consumption for Muslims has been deemed impure. Therefore, ensure that you cleanse the food of any blood before cooking. Ensure that the foods have been cooked properly, as meats not cooked properly would still have blood in them.

· Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks have been deemed haram due to the fermentation process. It has been considered unethical due to the production of intoxicants, and any cuisine prepared with alcoholic beverages would be regarded as haram.

Choosing A Halal Catering Service

The halal catering service should be aware of the people attending the event, and they should know the most common choice of food. Professional halal caterers should adhere to the Muslim and Islamic dietary laws. It would be vital that the halal catering service provider be competent in dealing with Muslim rules.

Ensure that the company is a complaint to halal food preparation norms. The meat should adhere to Islamic laws, and the caterer should be enabled to purchase meat slaughtered by cutting the animal’s throat. It should not be carrion, and the core should not comprise blood when served.

Yet another imperative aspect to choosing halal caterers would be that the foods should not comprise any pork product, and it should also not contain pork fat used to fry food. The tools and machines previously using pork products would be considered cross-contamination.

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