What Makes Wakame Salad So Special

It is the alginate present in the wakame seaweed that will help detoxify the digestive system effectively. So you can have a significant benefit eating the wakame salad.

Strengthens The Immune System

With beta carotenes contained in huge quantities, wakame is a perfect ally to boost your immune system at the start of winter, for example.

Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

With its significant content of vitamin K, you can limit the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases.

The Main Nutrients In Wakame

·        Fibers

The high fiber intake will be beneficial for the digestive tract by facilitating the transit. Wakame is, therefore, a good ally in the fight against constipation. This is what makes the wakame salad most useful.

·        Sodium

In reasonable amounts, sodium is essential for the body to distribute water in your body.

·        Calcium

With a larger intake than dairy products, wakame is food to introduce for people with osteoporosis in particular.

·        Iodine

The iodine content is significant in wakame, so you will have to be vigilant in its consumption if you have a thyroid problem.

·        Iron

A good iron intake will facilitate the transport of oxygen in your body and the maintenance of good enzymatic activity.

·        Beta-Carotenes

It is a natural concentrate of antioxidants that are hidden in the wakame seaweed with a beta carotene content per 100g much higher than the daily needs.

·        Vitamin K

Vitamin K plays a significant role in preventing cardiovascular diseases since it participates in the activation of many coagulation factors.

·        Vitamin B9

For women who are pregnant or planning to be, vitamin B9 is essential in order to synthesize DNA. Wakame contains outstanding amounts.

Using Wakame In Cooking: Some Recipe Ideas

·        The Taste Of Wakame

Wakame has a slightly sweet but also very salty flavor that can remind you of oysters or certain seafood.

·        How To Choose The Right Wakame?

If you buy it fresh, the wakame should be very green and its texture relatively gelatinous. It is also possible to buy it dehydrated.

·        How To Properly Store Wakame?

If you buy it dehydrated, remember to protect it from light, humidity, and heat. If it is fresh, it will keep in the refrigerator in an airtight container for several days.

·        How To Cook Wakame Salad?

If it’s fresh, you just need to season it to use in your wakame salad or miso soup recipes. On the other hand, if it is dehydrated, it will have to be immersed in water for several tens of minutes for it to double or even triple in volume.

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