Burger Cheese 101: Why slices are wrapped individually and not in bulk

When you hear ‘American cheese’ you may think this is a cheese produced and found in America. However, it is actually a cheese that is loved by millions of people worldwide. The popularity of this gooey, processed-cheese product has been steadily rising over the past few years, becoming one of the most popular burger cheeses.

American cheese is a cheese product made from cheddar cheese and emulsifiers, usually a combination of sodium citrate and potassium citrate. As a result, it is softer, melts easier, and blends perfectly with a burger patty, making the burger juicy and delicious. But have you ever wondered why these American cheese slices are often individually wrapped? Many don’t know the answer to this, unless they are in the restaurant business where American cheese is often used for burgers at a range of chain and burger restaurants.

Here are some of the reasons why cheese slices are wrapped individually:

Prevent Them From Sticking

The answer to this is quite simple. They are wrapped individually to stop the cheese slices from sticking together. Different cheese brands have different textures, and the slices of cheese must have the perfect texture when served to the customer.

If the pieces are wrapped individually, then there is no chance that they will stick together before they are added to the customer’s food.


Cheese slices are individually wrapped for many reasons. One of the reasons is for easy portion control. One cheese slice is the perfect serving for one burger, which is very helpful when you are busy during food service.

With the individually wrapped cheese slices, the chefs can also take out one slice at a time and be assured that the cheese is fresh, and their customer is only getting the freshest cheese possible.


Having individually wrapped cheese slices is also much easier for any restaurant to use– you don’t need to get out a knife and cut them, nor is it messy. All you have to do is remove the plastic film and throw it onto the burger.

Prevent Contamination

If we aren’t careful our hands can spread bacteria while we are in the kitchen preparing a range of different dishes in a small period of time. By having individually wrapped cheese slices, the manufacturers have eliminated the chances of contamination between slices of cheese. Using individually wrapped cheese slices in your restaurant helps to maintain hygiene, this is especially important to avoid any cross contamination of foods as well.

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