How Can You Source Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds In Australia For Your Restaurant?

For those who don’t know about cheese curds, they are the moist pieces of curdled milk that are created during the cheddar making process. Cheese curds are sometimes called squeaky cheese, because of the rubbery texture they have.

Since cheese curds are a by-product of the cheddar-making process, they are also called baby cheddar, and they can be eaten both raw and cooked. They are popular throughout the US, but mainly in Wisconsin, as most of the cheese curd factories are located there. The history of cheese-making in Wisconsin goes back until around 1840, so they really know what they are doing.

Why Do Restaurateurs Love Wisconsin Cheese Curds?

Wisconsin is the leading state in cheese-making; they produce more than 2.5 billion pounds of various cheeses every year. Cheese curds are just one of Wisconsin’s homemade products.

Fresh cheese curds from Wisconsin are mild, a little salty, delicious and – best of all – squeaky. Today, cheese curds can be found in many countries, but they do not taste as good as Wisconsin cheese curds.

Some of the reasons why Wisconsin cheese curds are restaurant owners’ favourites include:

  1. Fresh cheese curds from Wisconsin don’t contain any preservatives and additives; they are made and sold fresh.
  2. The squeak of Wisconsin cheese curds is amazing – you won’t get it the same in any other place.
  3. The taste and texture of fresh cheese curds are irreplaceable.

Is Sourcing Wisconsin Cheese Curds Possible?

There is one not-so-good thing about cheese curds, which is that they only squeak when they are fresh. After 24 hours, the freshness and squeak of your cheese curds are lost, and they don’t taste the same anymore.

It used to be almost impossible to source fresh cheese curds from Wisconsin – not until Pure Dairy. If you want to serve cheese curds straight from Wisconsin to your customers, then you must get them from Pure Dairy.

They use IQF (Instant Quick Frozen) technology to freeze the cheese curds. IQF means less freezing time; this technique ensures there are very small ice crystals. IQF also prevents the texture of cheese curds from getting damaged and preserves freshness and nutrients. Keeping food fresh without deteriorating their taste is one of the key benefits of the IQF technique, and Pure Dairy has used it to import cheese curds from Wisconsin.

The popularity of Cheese Curds in Australia

Cheese curds were originally banned in Australia, and ever since the ban has been lifted, the obsession with cheese curds has rapidly increased. In the past few years, cheese curds have become a staple in every café and restaurant.

Not just in Poutine – a popular Canadian dish made with cheese curds, fries and brown gravy – but cheese curds are used in hundreds of other dishes from starters to desserts.

Cheese curds popularity has been increasing in Australia over the past five years, and with Pure Dairy’s IQF cheese curds – restaurateurs can benefit from this healthy food.

To buy fresh cheese curds straight from Wisconsin, contact Pure Dairy, and they will get back to you with further details about the distributors near you.

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