Characteristics of Pistachio Paste Sydney Locals Love

Pistachio paste makes a great dip for fruits such as apples or bananas. It is also the perfect pair for various types of cheese. You can also add it to your macaroons and puddings or swirl it into your gelato or ice cream. You can get your hands on high quality pistachio paste through online stores, particularly when you are in Sydney, wherein it may not be readily available in supermarkets. In buying pistachio paste though, below are some of the characteristics that you need to watch out for.


Pistachio paste can have a luscious green or deep and earthy brown colour. The pistachio paste Sydney locals prefer however are those with a green and vibrant hue. For them, the vivid green colour is an indication of the freshness of the nuts from which the paste is made. The green colour of the paste can be attributed to the high antioxidant level of pistachios. The colour of the paste will also likely remind them of the fresh smiling nut that they are used to.


Pistachio paste should have a smooth and homogeneous texture, similar to that of a creamy peanut butter. It should not, in any way, be too watery or fluid, nor should it be extremely thick. Somewhere in between is perfect because this texture makes the paste more spreadable.


Authentic pistachio paste has a rich, nutty, and somewhat buttery taste, without the presence of other unfamiliar flavour notes. While you may be able to find pistachio paste that is sweetened, it is better to opt for one that is unsweetened but boasts of a natural taste that can tickle your palate. In this way, when you use it for your sweets such as chocolates or pastries, it will only enhance the flavour and not overpower its sweetness.


The aroma of pistachio paste is very similar to how the fresh nuts smell. It should maintain the nutty fragrance that you are familiar with. If you tend to smell anything that is not the natural smell of fresh pistachios, then there is a great chance that there are additives infused in the paste you are considering.

Shelf Life

Finally, when you store a jar of pistachio paste properly, then there is a great chance that it will last for a year or even more when you store it in the refrigerator. Just remember to keep it away from where direct sunlight can hit it. Thus, you can actually buy jars of pistachio paste in bulk because with its long shelf life, you are sure that it won’t spoil even before you get to use it.

To wrap things up, in buying pistachio paste, make sure to scrutinise its characteristics, including its colour, texture, flavour, smell, and even its shelf life. In this way, you are sure that you are getting a high quality pistachio paste that you can easily infuse in your dishes and consume regularly. Also keep in mind to only patronise from reliable and reputable online stores that can cater to your needs.

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