Where Can You Get The Best Paella In Singapore?

One of the most humble grains you can ever come across is rice, as it is loved across almost all countries globally. Like India has biryani, the Italians love their risottos, and Spain has its iconic paella. So if you are in Singapore and looking for the best paella in Singapore, you’re on the right page, as you can find all the good options that serve the dish. The dish mainly includes short grain rice also known as the Senia rice which is cooked featuring broth and generally sees plenty of vegetables, meats, and seafood.

Over the past few years, paella has gained popularity within Spain and neighbouring countries. Fusion ingredients are also brought to the dish, like the luxurious saffron strands, and meats are at time chosen as substitutes with other ingredients. However, olive oil and rice remain the main based of a great paella. Spanish restaurants based in Singapore serve beautiful paella pans besides various delicious tapas dishes.

Places Where You Can Get The Best Paella In Singapore

  • Binomio

The Spanish restaurant offers paella for mid meals between dinners. The fine dining provides a typical dish variation, including the typical Valencian paella featuring seafood. The restaurant also serves the modern version of the word featuring butifara and duck ham. The dish takes at least 45 minutes to get prepared, but its worth waiting.

  • FOC Pim Pam

The restaurant is prominent for the tapas selection, and of course the best part is that it crafts delicious paella. On the menu, you can get an option for seafood and vegetables, but Iberico with porcini mushrooms are vital ingredients on the menu year. The dish here offers a generous portion of delicious chunks of Iberico with a lot of aiolis.

  • La Taperia

The restaurant offers not only classic spins but also offers other indulgent options. Paella Negra is undoubtedly your best bet if you are visiting the restaurant as it includes squid ink seafood paella that gets it inspiration from a restaurant from Barcelona. You can try the paella de Bogavante and you can of course treat your taste buds, as it features a dollop of saffron, lobster, besides runner beans. The best part about the Spanish restaurant is that it offers more significant portions of dishes so that you can easily share them with your best buds.

If you are a Spanish food fan, you can consider trying these options without a doubt.

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