Enjoy Traveling To Melbourne, Australia With A Visit To Popular Bars And Nightclubs

Nightlife Melbourne, Australia’s most glamorous offers the best options for nightlife. Interesting hidden luxury bars and night clubs. Here is the ultimate guide to traveling nightlife in Melbourne CBD bars!

Enjoy Bars And Night Clubs In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a very trendy city that is no different from the main continents like Berlin, London, and Paris. Local trendy and glamour, boutiques and shops are located in the city and surrounding suburbs.

Melbourne is also a fantastic place when it comes to kitchens, music and the arts: with vibrant street art and active hipster culture, this metropolis of Melbourne, Australia has a wonderful selection of bars and night clubs. Even Melbourne’s nightlife can rival any of the world’s major capitals.

The city has seen in recent years the excitement of bars and night clubs by a young and lively atmosphere. Narrow streets and streets lined with great bars and night clubs can make for a nice atmosphere: It can also find good nightlife in unexpected places.

District Of Melbourne And Nightlife

The heart of Melbourne’s nightlife is spread across the CBD, the financial district, with some of the coolest bars and night clubs, with secret inputs, private rooms, and special themed bars. Through the halls and at the top of the building, you will find all kinds of top-quality bars, breweries, wine bars, cocktail bars, or clubs where scaternarvi is on the dance floor.

opposite Flinders Street Station, Federation Square is a good starting point to delve into the nightlife of the Melbourne CBD bars. Behind it opens up to a Gothic, maze of alleys that form the genuine heart of the city: the area is charming and exudes a metropolitan culture, full of local, small art shops some coffee, bars, and night clubs.

Outside the CBD to the northeast of the city, the Collingwood and Fitzroy Districts express the best of Melbourne’s nightlife. This area exudes an edgy bohemian and attracts crowds and artists. The lively streets of Smith Street and Brunswick Street are lined with cocktail bars, small bars full of character, and comfortable rooms, while the surrounding streets are home to some friendly pubs and much loved by local youth. Find a cozy spot on the road, settle in for a night in the beer garden or dance the night away to rock and indie records in a variety of alternative clubs.

Several Bars And Night Clubs In Melbourne And Surrounding Suburbs

The Lui Bar (525 Collins St, Melbourne)

Located above the source of the Rialto Tower at 230 meters high, This Bar has a romantic atmosphere and has a great cocktail bar with soft lighting and city views. This bar is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Australia. Apart from being luxurious, the price is also affordable.

Ponyfish Island (Yarra Pedestrian Bridge, Southgate Avenue, Melbourne)

Melbourne residents have a knack for turning impossible spaces into fashionable meeting places, like this bar located on the south pier of Yarra Pedestrian Footbridge, right in the middle of the river. This is one of the most popular meeting places to grab a beer and watch the boats, trams, and the city skyline. In the warmer months, the bar is filled with employees, who head to the beach for a post-work drink. Delicious and simple snacks like bagels, zucchini and corn fritters, mac and cheese pounds make your perfect companion.

Madame Brussels (59 Bourke St, Melbourne)

For those who love bars, The Madame Brussels is a pink and white cocktail bar with verdant garden furniture. This bar is decorated in kitsch style, The strength point of this bar is the terrace where you can sip cocktails watching the city from above.

Cookie (252 Swanston St, Melbourne)

This bar is located in the city center, this is one of Melbourne’s most popular bars. This cookie ingeniously divides the space into 3 and combines a brewery, a great value Thai restaurant, and a balconette with French doors overlooking the city for a romantic evening. The restaurant also serves Asian-inspired dishes. There is also a rooftop bar at the top of this building which offers really lovely cocktails. A cookie is one of those places, noisy, fun, and full of energy that will appeal to a very wide range of people young and old.

Eau De Vie (1 Malthouse Ln, Melbourne)

Melbourne is known for its hidden alley culture and Eau De Vie is perhaps the best example. Decorated in the 20’s style, this Bar offers hundreds of whiskeys, cocktails, and food. There is also a hidden space behind the bookcase. If you like whiskey this is a real hidden gem in Melbourne that is sure to amaze you, you’ll find this place hidden away on Malthouse Lane. Eau De Vie continues to be one of the most popular cocktail bars in town thanks to its ability to transport you away from modern times and historical influences.

Cherry Bar (AC/DC Lane, Melbourne)

This one Melbourne bar has been running for 15 years and is always buzzing with organizing concerts almost every night.

Storyville (185 Lonsdale St, Melbourne)

This bar is very interesting because of the stairs made of bent tree roots and glowing mushrooms growing out of the walls. The facilities you will get are: Try the Winning Charlie Ticket, Willy Wonka sweet nightcap with 666 butter vodka, Mozart Dark Chocolate, vanilla, and lavender.

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